Management & Leadership Training

A variety of management and leadership focused courses are available to improve how the work is done within the organization. Options are available for all levels of employees and can be customized to meet client’s specific needs and strategic learning goals.

Introduction to Systems Thinking

Description Systems thinking provides a practical method for solving and managing complex issues by looking at the “big picture.” By looking at the big picture, we are able to understand how the decisions we are making to resolve an issue will impact the organization as a whole over the long term. Through systems thinking, we […]

Introduction to Microsoft Office Project

Description Microsoft Project does not replace understanding the basics of project management; it is a tool to help you better manage those projects using technology.  Microsoft Office Project enables for more effective tracking and managing project initiatives. With Microsoft Project you are able to manage your project team resources, develop and manage your schedule for […]

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Description Every manager needs to be financially-savvy to ensure they are making the best decisions within their department. This includes understanding and managing budgets, financial reports and business plans. You need to be able to understand and communicate the financial performance of your department and understand how the decisions that you make impact the bottom […]

Delegation and Time Management: The Secret to Management Success

Description The best managers do two things really well: Delegating tasks and projects to staff to accomplish the work of the department/division and to enable for staff learning opportunities and skill development, and Managing their time effectively by setting priorities and having a plan in place to ensure they do the right things at the […]

Business Communications

Description Strong communication skills are absolutely required regardless of your role within the organization. This includes verbal and non-verbal communications, written communications and effective listening skills. Communication = professional excellence. Your ability to effectively listen to others to understand their point of view and communicate with them in a way that works for them to […]

Brainstorming Best Practices: Be Innovative and Creative!

Description Brainstorming, while valuable, often gets out of control with no progress being made. Individuals walk away from brainstorming sessions trying to figure out what has been accomplished and feeling as if their time has been wasted. The goal of brainstorming sessions is to create an environment that will encourage creative ideas and thoughts. It […]

Best Practices for Strategic Planning

Description The idea of strategic planning worries many leaders and managers within the organization. It seems so time consuming and laborious. But it doesn’t have to be! Strategic planning is a management tool that helps the business to focus their efforts in support of meeting clearly defined goals and objectives. It is, effectively, a roadmap […]

Using Effective Communication Skills to Build Better Relationships

Description This one-day program focuses on communication best practices and how to use communication effectively and efficiently to build relationships with co-workers, customers and others. Whether formal or informal communications, how you communicate with others makes all the difference in achieving results. Of importance is ensuring that communications are concise, clear and take into account […]

Best Practices for Working on Change Management Initiatives

Description Change is necessary and provides the organization opportunities for growth. It is constant and can be stressful for nearly everyone in the organization; but everyone needs to be involved in supporting and moving forward the change initiative in order to enable for continuous growth of the organization, effective competition in a global environment and […]

Cultural Diversity: Working Across Boundaries

Description We all have certain perceptions of those around us. Those perceptions come from our environment, the region/country in which we were raised, our cultural background, and what we learned from friends and family. Those perceptions affect how we work and interact with others of different cultural backgrounds. By understanding others’ cultural backgrounds, we learn […]

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