Best Practices for Working on Virtual and Remote Teams

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In today’s business environment when many employees work at remote offices or from their homes, it is essential to understand how to effectively work with others when you don’t see them each day and may or may not have even met them or have the opportunity to do so. The need to build trust and develop relationships is absolutely essential to overall department or workgroup success; along with understanding the roles and responsibilities of co-workers and how they need to interact with you, and you with them, to accomplish goals and objectives together.

Through a variety of discussions, case studies, problem solving scenarios, team building activities and role playing scenarios, participants in this one-day, hands-on and practical workshop will develop stronger working relationships with remote and virtual co-workers.

Target Audience

Individuals at any level within the organization who need to interact regularly with co-workers and peers at remote offices or working virtually in order to enable for a team-based approach to accomplishing the goals and objectives of departments, workgroups, divisions and organizations.


  • Best practices for developing effective working relationships with co-workers who work remotely
  • Communicating and collaborating across boundaries and distances, sharing best practices, expertise, information and collaboratively making decisions and solving problems
  • Working collaboratively, relying on others’ expertise, skills and knowledge, to better accomplish goals when deadlines are shorter, resources fewer and budgets tighter
  • The impact of culture differences on building relationships and getting work done (appreciating the diversity of your teammates)
  • Understanding the stages of team development and why they matter to you as a member of the team
  • Working with your teammates to increase creativity and foster innovation
  • Reporting on the status of your work
  • Preparing for and participating in team meetings
  • Being a positive influence on the team
  • Working through conflicts that arise among co-workers and peers
  • How to apply effective listening skills to more effectively work with others
  • Providing feedback and acknowledging the work of others

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