Abudi Consulting Group, LLC, founded in 2006, provides strategy around projects, processes, people and technology. We assist clients of all sizes to increase efficiencies in their operations, enable shorter time-to-market with products and services, utilize resources effectively and efficiently and educate management and others in the benefits of looking more strategically at projects, processes, people and technology.

Abudi Consulting Group

Regardless of whether we are working with clients to develop and implement strategy around projects, processes, people or technology, we focus on one thing – ensuring that your business objectives are met. Our goal is to help you meet the challenges at hand by providing the expertise needed to keep you moving in the right direction – through growth of your company and realizing significant improvement in organizational effectiveness. Our success is measured by your success.


We follow a structured approach with clients:

  • Conduct meetings with management staff and others to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives and the challenges at hand.
  • Work in partnership with you to find the best solution and help you to implement that solution at all levels:
    • strategic planning
    • project planning
    • socializing for buy-in and support
    • project kick-off
    • training
    • implementation
    • post-implementation
    • measuring success through business impact and ROI.

Each client has different capabilities and capacity to manage the project, and we work with our clients to provide as much or as little support as they require throughout the project.
Examples of projects for clients include:

  • Strategic and management planning for non-profit and for-profit businesses
  • Development and measurement of Project Management Offices (PMOs) and best practices
  • Development of strategic learning programs to meet talent retention goals
  • Development of technology strategy including use of business intelligence to make strategic decisions
  • Creation and implementation of Microsoft SharePoint knowledge bases and collaboration portals
  • Business application and system architecture
  • Development of policies and procedures to increase effectiveness
  • Business Impact and ROI of strategic programs
  • Getting new hires off on the right foot with onboarding and mentoring programs
  • Customized training programs
  • Delivery of half-day and full day workshops
  • Executive overview sessions
  • Process improvement initiatives

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