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Abudi Consulting Group, LLC, to meet clients’ needs in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, offers 90 minute “lunch and learn” workshops to enable individuals to learn new skills and increase their knowledge in a variety of areas of importance in today’s workplace to ensure success.
Topics for lunch & learns include, but are not limited to:

  • Addressing Team Challenges
  • Best Practices for Collaborating with Others
  • Best Practices for Leading Change Projects
  • Best Practices for Managing and Leading Virtual and Remote Teams
  • Best Practices for Managing the Project Team
  • Brainstorming 101
  • Communication Best Practices
  • Developing your Presentation Content
  • Developing Your Problem Solving Skills
  • Identifying, Managing and Communicating with Stakeholders
  • Key Ways to Accomplish Your Projects
  • Practical Tips for Identifying and Managing Project Risks
  • Socializing and Communicating Your Initiatives
  • Supporting Change Initiatives
  • Taking a Project Management Approach to Getting the Work Done
  • Time Management Tips
  • Tips for Effective Delegation
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Working Effectively in a Virtual and Remote Team Environment

Case studies, real-life examples and discussions are used throughout the 90 minute session to keep participants engaged in the learning process.

Take-aways include:

  • Templates to use back on the job
  • Practical skills and new knowledge that participants can immediately apply
  • A workbook to use back on the job as a reference guide

Arrange a brief phone call or meeting to learn how 90 minute lunch and learn can help you:

  • Provide “just in time” learning to help employees involved in strategic initiatives
  • Enable for training on tight budgets and reduced time to attend workshops
  • Meet specific skills building needs
  • Enable employees to develop new skills and increase their knowledge in just 90 minutes
  • Introduce topics to determine interest in holding a full day workshop on that topic

Here’s what participants are saying about our lunch and learn workshops…

“Lots of great tips that I can definitely use immediately!”
“Gina really engaged the group and gave excellent real life examples that we could relate to.”
“The 90 minutes flew by! Gina was very interactive and kept the group engaged.”
“I now have a better understanding on how to support the change initiative my boss is leading.”
“The material provided will be a great reference as I apply what I learned.”

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