Consulting Services

Abudi Consulting Group, LLC provides consulting services specifically around projects, processes, people and technology to enable our clients to meet their short- and long-term objectives. We integrate technology with business to meet business needs.

Executive Team Support

  • Strategy development and implementation support/guidance
  • Engaging leaders and others to achieve goals/objectives
  • Project portfolio management and project prioritization
  • Facilitating strategy and business development sessions to actionable plans
  • Process evaluation, review and improvement/refinement
  • Change management support
  • Onboarding new leaders
  • Collaboration portals and dashboards

Project Management

  • Development of PMOs and Centers of Excellence
  • Socialization of project management strategic initiatives
  • Establishment of project management best practices and processes
  • Project management competency development
  • Project management strategy and planning
  • Business impact and ROI of project management programs and PMOs
  • Requirements gathering, development of scope documents and project ROI to move forward with initiatives

Human Resource Support

  • Simplified 360’s/skills assessments (all staff levels)
  • Organizational Assessments/Surveys
  • Competency development
  • Development of strategic learning programs
  • Socialization of HR initiatives
  • Support on HR projects
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Talent management strategy
  • Development of role descriptions/responsibilities

Process Management

  • Analysis and documentation of business processes and procedures
  • Development and refinement of processes and procedures
  • Socialization of project improvement initiatives
  • Business impact and ROI of process improvement initiatives
  • Project management of project improvement initiatives

Onboarding Programs

  • Development of onboarding programs for all levels of employees, from new hires to individuals being promoted into management roles
  • Business impact and ROI of onboarding programs

Learning & Development/Training Workshop Program Strategy

  • Development of strategic learning & development programs
  • New supervisor, manager and leadership development programs
  • Needs assessments and task analyses
  • Sourcing of third party vendors for curriculum
  • Development of customized curriculum
  • Business impact and ROI of learning & development programs

Team Building/Leadership

  • Team building for virtual, remote and global teams
  • Work with troubled teams to improve teamwork
  • Development of strategic project teams
  • Kick off project teams
  • Facilitate off-sites/team meetings

High Potential Programs

  • Identification of high potentials
  • Needs assessment/task analyses
  • Development of high potential programs
  • Business impact and ROI of high potential programs

Mentoring Programs

  • Development of mentoring programs for all levels of employees, including training around effective mentoring
  • Business impact and ROI of mentoring programs

Business Impact and ROI

Abudi Consulting Group, LLC provides business impact and ROI consulting to organizations utilizing Phillips ROI Methodology™ to evaluate the effectiveness and business impact of:

  • Strategic learning and development programs (such as high potential programs, onboarding programs, mentoring and coaching programs, and  leadership programs)
  • Process improvement initiatives
  • Marketing initiatives/programs
  • Human resource initiatives

Investment in business impact and ROI studies enables organizations to make better strategic decisions around how to invest their limited resources in order to increase profitability within the business.

Phillips ROI Methodology™ enables organizations to:

  • Ensure initiatives launched within the business are aligned to the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Determine the monetary contribution of the initiatives to the business
  • Demonstrate for executives the benefits of the undertaking such initiatives in the future
  • Assist with decision making regarding the continued rollout of strategic programs or initiatives
  • Earn credibility with senior management and or Boards of Directors for future initiatives and strategic programs

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