Influencing Others

Learning to Influence without Authority to Collaborate More Effectively and Achieve Goals


The ability to persuade and influence others in the workplace is necessary to achieve goals. We can’t possibly accomplish all we need to on our own and often the people we need to collaborate with do not report directly to us. We must use our influencing skills to persuade them to collaborate to achieve goals.

In today’s world, many organizations are focused on team-based models. Such models – where it is essential to be more inclusive and collaborative – the ability to influence is a key skill for all employees.

In this workshop, participants learn how to increase their influencing skills through understanding their influencing style and through the use of hands-on practice in the classroom. Become a trust advisor and the “go to” person in your organization through strengthening your influence skills.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who needs to improve their ability to influence and persuade others to achieve goals.


  • Identifying your influencing style
  • The value of influencing skills
  • Barriers to effective influencing
  • Understanding stakeholders – those individuals with whom you must influence
  • Building relationships and trust in order to influence others
  • Influencing tactics
  • Influencing in virtual environments

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