Making Presentations with Confidence

At some point, regardless of their role within an organization, an individual is asked to make a presentation. It may be to one individual (your manager or an executive in the organization), to a small group, or to a larger audience. Of key importance in delivering presentations, whether formal or informal, is to clearly and concisely present your message to your audience in the time allotted.

What You Will Learn:

  • Determining the message your audience wants to hear
  • Focusing your message for the most effectiveness
  • Using storyboarding techniques to create your presentation
  • Creating your opening and closing statements
  • Using PowerPoint effectively to convey your message
  • How to present various types of data
  • Effective use of graphics
  • Managing the audience
  • How to prepare for your presentation
  • Maintaining your composure
  • Responding to questions and challenges

Through the optional use of videotaping and feedback, this workshop provides best practices for making presentations and practice in developing your skills.

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