Best Practices for Working on Change Management Initiatives


Change is necessary and provides the organization opportunities for growth. It is constant and can be stressful for nearly everyone in the organization; but everyone needs to be involved in supporting and moving forward the change initiative in order to enable for continuous growth of the organization, effective competition in a global environment and to meet client expectations. The biggest challenge for individuals in most organizations is how to effectively champion and support change initiatives. They must successfully help others to accept the change that needs to happen, and come to terms with the change themselves.

A case study is used to apply what is being learned in the classroom, along with mini case studies and discussion topics. All participants will be provided templates to use back on the job.

Target Audience

Anyone who needs to champion and support change initiatives, regardless of the size of the initiative and the impact within the organization.


  • Types of change initiatives
  • Understanding the process of change and the change cycle
  • Effects of change on the organization and the individuals
  • Embracing change as a part of organizational growth and increased competition
  • Obstacles to change and how to overcome them
  • Adapting to change and helping others to adapt to change
  • Supporting others in the department and throughout the organization
  • Managing your feelings during the change process
  • Clarifying and communicating the impact of the change initiative
  • Dealing with uncertainty and helping others to deal with uncertainty
  • Best practices for working on change management initiatives
  • Managing non-stop change that impacts you and those around you

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