Building, Managing, and Nurturing the Virtual Team


This full day workshop focuses on how to effectively build, manage, and even more importantly, nurture a virtual (or remote) team. So much rides on the success of a team – and when you have a virtual team (whether across the world, across the country or in the next state) there are many more challenges on a daily basis that affect team performance than if the team is co-located. In today’s world, most every organization needs to work across time zones. Poor team performance will ultimately affect the success of the project and poor team performance is so often attributed to poor management and nurturing of the team. This workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the challenges around pulling together resources for virtual projects and initiatives, managing communications among team members and assignment of responsibilities, assigning roles and overall management and nurturing of a virtual team.  All participants will be provided templates to use back on the job.  A case study example is used throughout the program which is customized for the client’s business.

Target Audience

  • Team leads interested in learning how to better manage virtual or remote teams – whether global, nationally or regionally distributed.
  • Team members interested in learning how to work more productivity within a virtual or remote team.
  • Business unit/functional managers who work with distributed teams or with other business units/functional managers who are not co-located.
  • Anyone who works with project teams.


  • Building the team to ensure diversity
  • Best practices for “kicking off” the team
  • Effective planning with your team
  • The five stages of team development
  • Managing and communicating best practices for remote teams
  • Managing conflicts and problem solving when you can’t be face-to-face
  • Motivating and engaging virtual teams
  • Providing feedback keeping in mind cultural differences
  • Building cohesive and committed virtual teams
  • Collaboration for success
  • Communication best practices including developing team communication plans collaboratively, and using communication tools effectively

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