Evaluating the Business Impact and ROI of Your Project Management Practice

This program will focus on best practices for evaluating the business impact and ROI of a project management practice/PMO. A case study example will be used to demonstrate a process for evaluating the effectiveness and impact of a project management practice or PMO within an organization utilizing Phillips ROI Methodology™. Additionally, the program will detail how to move from a “practice” to a PMO through an evaluation process to show the benefits of the PMO within the organization.

What You Will Learn:

  • An overview of the Phillips ROI Methodology®
  • Establishing the purpose behind evaluating a project management practice/PMO
  • Socializing and getting buy-in and commitment from throughout the organization
  • A process for moving forward
  • Project planning basics
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Managing a negative ROI
  • Reporting on your results to executives

Full day workshop participants will be able to develop a plan to evaluate their own PMOs or best practices as part of the program.

Participants will be provided templates for use back on the job.

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