Best Practices for Strategic Planning


The idea of strategic planning worries many leaders and managers within the organization. It seems so time consuming and laborious. But it doesn’t have to be! Strategic planning is a management tool that helps the business to focus their efforts in support of meeting clearly defined goals and objectives. It is, effectively, a roadmap for success that outlines the steps the organization as a whole, a division or a department will take to achieve an overall goal or vision.

What You Will Learn:

  • A three-step process for effective strategic planning
  • Assessing organizational readiness
  • Establishing measures of success
  • Getting the right team in place
  • Gathering key information (industry analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Setting goals and establishing objectives to achieve
  • Creating strategies and developing tactics to move forward
  • Communicating and implementing your strategic plan

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