Brainstorming Best Practices: Be Innovative and Creative!


Brainstorming, while valuable, often gets out of control with no progress being made. Individuals walk away from brainstorming sessions trying to figure out what has been accomplished and feeling as if their time has been wasted. The goal of brainstorming sessions is to create an environment that will encourage creative ideas and thoughts. It also entails meeting management and the ability to effectively facilitate. Brainstorming is all about problem solving! A variety of activities will be done within the classroom to encourage innovation and creativity and create a level of comfort in brainstorming. Participants will leave the workshop with a plan to facilitate their own brainstorming sessions.

What You Will Learn:

  • Brainstorming options and best practices
  • Individual vs. group brainstorming
  • Exploring the option of mind mapping to facilitate brainstorming
  • Facilitating brainstorming sessions
  • Setting the stage for brainstorming
  • Moving past resistance and setting the stage for creativity
  • Gathering and evaluating ideas presented
  • Developing your plan to move forward, checking in on progress and measuring success

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