Leadership Skills for New Supervisors


Individuals are often promoted into supervisory and management roles from individual contributor roles without being provided the skills training they need to truly be successful in the role. While certainly these new supervisors will learn “on the job,” consider how much more effective they can be if the organization enables for some time in learning the skills and increasing their knowledge in areas of importance when managing others.
This one day workshop provides new supervisors and managers the skills they need to be successful leading others and accomplishing the goals of their workgroup or department.
All participants will be provided a participant guide as well as templates to use back on the job. Participants practice the concepts learned in the workshop through role playing, case studies, problem solving scenarios and discussions. Action planning is done at the end of the first day in order to enable the participant to create a plan to utilize the skills and continue to build their knowledge.

Target Audience

  • New supervisors and new managers
  • Team leaders
  • Those individuals who will soon be moving into leadership roles


  • What it means to manage others
  • Moving from individual contributor to supervisor/manager
  • Addressing the challenges of managing those individuals who were once your peers
  • Getting to know your team – building relationships and establishing trust
  • Collaborating with your team to set goals and objectives to meet the needs of the organization
  • Mentoring your team
  • Communicating up, down and across the organization
  • Solving problems, enabling decision making and resolving conflicts
  • You can’t do it all!: time management and delegating effectively
  • Influencing others to accomplish goals and objectives
  • Team leadership skills
  • Managing a variety of people personalities
  • Performance review and regular performance feedback best practices
  • Running effective one-on-one and team meetings
  • Presenting information and data to your manager

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