Effective Management and Facilitation of Meetings

Accomplish more in less time


Meetings are an essential part of business and may take any number of forms; such as a training meeting, problem solving or decision making meeting, project kick off meeting, or an information gathering meeting. Too often managers hear of complaints of too many meetings with little being accomplished, taking individuals away from their work for what appears to be a waste of time and resources. When meetings are poorly planned, unfocused and not well facilitated, they are unproductive and a waste of resources, time and energy.

Meetings are necessary however! We need to hold meetings to solicit other’s points of view on an issue, generate ideas for a new product or service, enable for cross-functional collaboration or for more effective problem solving and decision making.

The ability to effectively and efficiently manage and facilitate meetings is an essential skill for any level manager and leader. This one day workshop provides attendees with best practices for facilitating and managing effective meetings.

What You Will Learn:

  • Determining the need for a meeting
  • Coordinating and preparing for meetings
  • Developing detailed, timed agendas
  • Getting the right participants at the meeting and getting them engaged
  • The importance of ground rules
  • Using a variety of activities to kick off working meetings
  • Best practices for facilitating meetings
  • Time management for meeting leaders
  • The meeting leader’s role and the role of participants
  • Special roles for meeting participants (sharing the leadership role)
  • Keeping remote participants engaged
  • Presenting information, gathering information, and ensuring participation
  • Addressing conflicts during the meeting
  • Best practices for facilitating brainstorming and problem solving meetings
  • Building consensus and driving decision making
  • Using action logs effectively
  • Concluding the meeting and meeting evaluation

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