Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Building Better Relationships and Engaging Your Employees in Achieving Goals


Emotional intelligence (EI) is an essential skill for all leaders – from team leaders, to supervisors through to senior leaders in the organization. The ability to understand and control one’s own emotions as well as understanding your employees’ emotions enables for improvements in how you engage your employee to perform at their best and to achieve your goals.

Emotional intelligence is about interpersonal savvy – relating well to all types of team members and employees, establishing relationships and building rapport to focus them on achieving goals, using diplomacy and tact to solve problems and resolve conflicts. As a leader we must engage each employee in a way that works for them; this means we must learn what matters to each employee – what’s important to them personally and professionally. Emotional intelligence insight enables us to do this effectively.

An online assessment is used pre-workshop. Case studies, mini problem solving scenarios, discussions, role plays and individual activities are used throughout the day to strengthen emotional intelligence.

Participants will create an action plan to improve their own emotional intelligence as well as to improve the emotional intelligence of their team/employees.

Target Audience

  • Supervisors, team leaders, managers and other leaders who want to learn more about how to improve upon their own EI as well as how to engage employees in improving their EI to perform better in their roles.


  • The four key skills of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management
  • Using emotions to make sense of our social environment and navigate that environment to accomplish our goals
  • Understanding the EI of your team
  • Coaching team members to strengthen EI
  • Using EI to communicate, lead and resolve conflicts on the team
  • Developing strategies to improve your emotional intelligence to increase your leadership potential, develop stronger teams/employees and more effectively manage others to accomplish goals
  • Handling difficult and stressful employee interactions while keeping your emotional intelligence "in check"

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