Improving Team Dynamics

Creating Success for the Team


When individuals come together as a team, they take on distinct roles and behaviors. These distinct roles and behaviors have an impact on how they participate as a member of the team as well as has an impact on the other team members. If managers are to have success in accomplishing organizational goals and objectives, they must build a collaborative team – a team that is diverse and has roles and responsibilities aligned to the experiences and expertise of each individual team member. And when that team needs to function virtually, it increases the complexities of managing the dynamics for the team leader as well as decreasing collaboration among the team. Positive team dynamics increase the success of the team members overall, keeps them engaged and motivated to move forward, and enables for innovation and creativity on the team.

In this workshop, participants will learn a variety of best practices to improving team dynamics, whether the team is already in place or being compiled in order to achieve a particular objective. Participants will apply what they are learning through the use of discussions, mini case studies, and problem solving scenarios. A variety of mini assessments are used throughout the workshop to enable for more effective action planning. Participants should feel free to bring specific problem scenarios or challenges to the workshop in order to collaborate to achieve resolution.

Target Audience

Managers, team leaders and others who need to manage teams whether the teams are permanent teams (division, department) or temporary teams (workgroup, project.)


  • Evaluating the strength of the team
  • The role of the team leader
  • Strong vs. poor team dynamics
  • Strategies to improve team dynamics
  • Ensuring the right roles and responsibilities on the team
  • Enabling for collaboration, socialization and building networks
  • The Stages of Team Development and why they matter
  • Best practices:
    • Removing barriers to strong team dynamics
    • Communication best practices
    • Using technology to engage team members
    • Enabling for effective dynamics on virtual teams
    • Problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making

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