Using Effective Communication Skills to Build Better Relationships


This one-day program focuses on communication best practices and how to use communication effectively and efficiently to build relationships with co-workers, customers and others. Whether formal or informal communications, how you communicate with others makes all the difference in achieving results. Of importance is ensuring that communications are concise, clear and take into account the other party’s needs. Effective, positive, well thought out oral and written communications enable you to better manage conflicts, express needs, influence others and improve listening.

Case studies and mini scenarios are used to create effective communications; along with role playing to practice skills being learned in the workshop. Participants will create an action plan to improve their communication skills back on the job.

Participants should bring to the workshop a communication document they need to work on – whether oral or written – for use in hands-on activities.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate with others, including:
    • Customer service personnel
    • Administrative personnel
    • Business professionals
  • Anyone who wants to learn to get their point across while conveying a professional, customer-service focused image


  • Understanding your audience
  • Listening to ensure effective communications
  • Managing difficult internal or external customers
  • Managing communications during change initiatives
  • Verbal and nonverbal behaviors that affect your communications and others’ perceptions
  • Using diplomacy, tact and ensuring credible communications
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Building better rapport to gain trust and confidence
  • Developing effective communication plans
  • Increasing your self confidence in how you communicate with others

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