Measuring the Value of Training Programs

(1/2 day or 1 day workshop)

Today, an increasing number of learning & development professionals are being asked to show the value of the training programs they introduced into the organization. Whether “home grown,” third party provided or some combination – executives want to know if programs offered to employees are worth the effort, resources and money. The challenge for many professionals is getting started and having a plan to measure the impact of programs to the bottom line, and selecting the right programs to evaluate. This program will use a case study approach to teach participants how to project plan for an ROI study, evaluate the training program, and report on the results of their training programs.

What You Will Learn:

  • An overview of the Phillips ROI Methodology® for evaluating training programs’ impact on the bottom line
  • Simplifying the evaluation process when resources are limited
  • How to socialize, project plan, and gather the necessary data to get started
  • Securing the resources necessary to ensure a successful measurement process
  • Managing a negative ROI
  • Reporting on your results

For full day programs, participants can begin work on a program they are interested in evaluating.

Participants will be provided templates for use back on the job.

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