Cultural Diversity: Working Across Boundaries


We all have certain perceptions of those around us. Those perceptions come from our environment, the region/country in which we were raised, our cultural background, and what we learned from friends and family. Those perceptions affect how we work and interact with others of different cultural backgrounds. By understanding others’ cultural backgrounds, we learn how best to interact with those individuals and we learn to speak with them as individuals – not as someone from a particular culture or our perception of their culture. The better you understand those around you, the more effective your communications and interpersonal interactions. While no individual completely represents their cultural background – we are all unique – this workshop provides information that enables for improved communications and interactions across boundaries, improving how the work gets accomplished in an organization.

This one day workshop provides participants with knowledge and an understanding about various cultures, enabling them to:

  • Improve teamwork
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Improve communication
  • Meet goals and objectives
  • More effectively interact and work with others

A variety of discussion topics, mini case studies and problem solving activities will be used in the workshop.

Target Audience

Anyone who works with individuals from other cultures, whether co-located or virtual/remote.


  • Best practices for working with others
  • Understanding cultural orientations – values and attitudes
  • Value systems: our basis for behaviors in working with others
  • Common business practices – effective communication , decision making and negotiation
  • Protocol in working across cultural boundaries
  • Understanding the impact and benefit of cultural differences on your initiatives/work group
  • How to reduce cross-cultural misunderstandings and ensure positive, productive working relationships
  • Tips and strategies for specific countries

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