Making Presentations with Confidence

At some point, regardless of their role within an organization, an individual is asked to make a presentation. It may be to one individual (your manager or an executive in the organization), to a small group, or to a larger audience. Of key importance in delivering presentations, whether formal or informal, is to clearly and […]

Leading Change Management Initiatives: Planning is Key!

Change is constant and always stressful for those who have to implement the change and certainly for those being affected. However, change provides organizations opportunities for growth and is essential for the success of any organization. The biggest challenge of many organizations is how to effectively manage a change initiative. There are more individuals within […]

The Five Stages of Team Development: What Does It Mean For You?

(1/2 day workshop) A big challenge of team leaders is to understand how to get a team from initial introductions to performing in a highly effective and proficient way. This program uses a case study to help participants understand how the five stages of team development apply to any team – regardless of its size. […]

Onboarding New Hires

(1/2 day or 1 day workshop) A big challenge for many organizations – regardless of their size – is how to effectively get new hires, or those thrust into new challenging roles within the company, onboarded successfully.  Too often employees are put into their roles without an understanding of how to make their way around […]

Successful Mentoring Programs

(1/2 day or 1 day workshop) Mentoring has been shown to be an effective way to help employees continue to develop within the organization. In some cases, mentoring is more effective than sending an individual to yet another training program. This program is targeted toward human resource professionals and business unit managers detailing the steps […]

Measuring the Value of Training Programs

(1/2 day or 1 day workshop) Today, an increasing number of learning & development professionals are being asked to show the value of the training programs they introduced into the organization. Whether “home grown,” third party provided or some combination – executives want to know if programs offered to employees are worth the effort, resources […]

Understanding the Dynamics of Difference

(1/2 day workshop) Inclusion and diversity is much more than just the individual’s ethnic background, it also includes age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, personal biases, etc. This program is designed to introduce participants to the importance and value of inclusion and having a diverse workforce.  Understanding the challenges in implementing inclusion and diversity programs and […]

Building and Managing the Virtual Project Team

So much rides on the success of a project team – and when you have a virtual team (as so many businesses do today!) – there are many more challenges on a daily basis that affect performance. This program will provide you an understanding of the challenges around pulling together resources for virtual projects, managing […]

Project Management for Human Resource Professionals

HR professionals have a variety of projects to be completed on a regular basis, some of which are strategic and will have an impact on the entire organization. This program – specifically developed for HR professionals – provides a simple process for day-to-day management of HR initiatives. What You Will Learn: Project management basics How […]