Best Practices for Socializing Strategic Human Resource Initiatives


The Human Resources (HR) Group is the nuts and bolts of any organization – the initiatives in place within HR are essential to the success of the organization. However, all too frequently, strategic HR initiatives get "lost" within the organization – not enough people know what is going on and what the business is working on. When the initiatives are focused on policy and procedure changes or in cases of mergers and acquisitions, employees are worried about what that means for them. In such cases, it is difficult to get support and buy-in to ensure a successful implementation and acceptance of the initiative. In order to ensure success in HR initiatives, it is essential that the initiatives get socialized within the organization. And to be successful at socializing your strategic HR initiatives, it is essential that you build strong relationships in the business.

This ½ day workshop provides managers and leaders of HR with best practices and strategies for socializing their initiatives within the organization. Case study scenarios will provide participants in the workshop with best practices and "things to avoid" when socializing strategic HR initiatives, including – getting commitment from the workforce, getting executives and senior leaders involved in socialization of the initiative, finding time to socialize the initiative, managing negativity and keeping the lines of communication open. Participants will be provided templates to use and will take back to the job a variety of ways to engage the organization in understanding and supporting strategic HR initiatives.

Increase the success of your strategic human resource initiatives, regardless of their size or complexity, by:

  • Applying a simple process for socializing HR initiatives
  • Using a variety of best practices and techniques to “sell” the socializing process throughout the organization
  • Developing and sharing communication strategies to more effectively engage and work with stakeholders
  • Ensuring executive and senior leaders get involved in the process
  • Managing people expectations around change to keep them committed and engaged
  • Building relationships throughout the business
  • Getting and retaining buy-in and support throughout the implementation of the strategic initiative

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