Managing Unconscious Bias

Improving Communication, Collaboration and Interactions in the Workplace

We all have natural biases – we are human after all. There are two types of biases: conscious (explicit) and unconscious (implicit.) These biases impact how we communicate and collaborate with others. In order to manage our biases, we must understand them and acknowledge that we have them. This workshop will focus on unconscious bias. We like to think we are not biased; but that just isn’t accurate. Taking time to recognize and acknowledge our unconscious biases enable for increased success in the workplace.

When we can manage our unconscious biases, we enable for improved collaboration, communication and overall build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive organization. If we recognize our own biases, we can reduce the negative effects they cause to those around us.

Through the use of self-assessments, videos, discussions topics, individual activities, problem solving scenarios, and mini case studies, participants in this workshop explore the impact of bias. Action planning enables participants to develop their own strategy/plan for addressing their own biases.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • The difference between bias, prejudice and stereotyping
  • How to recognize unconscious bias in themselves and others
  • How unconscious biases influences our behavior
  • Why bias matters and how it negatively impacts the workplace
  • How to challenge and overcome our own biases


  • Bias vs Prejudice vs Stereotyping
  • Conscious vs unconscious biases
  • Types of unconscious bias
  • Recognizing unconscious bias in yourself and others
  • How bias affects us and others, as well as how we make decisions and communicate with others
  • The impact and negative influence of unconscious bias in: recruiting, talent development, performance management, leading others and teamwork.
  • The impact of our biases on our ability to build strong working relationships and get ahead/succeed in the organization
  • Understanding and acknowledging our own biases
  • Identifying your blind spots: What you don’t know you don’t know!
  • Avoiding unconscious bias in the workplace

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