Project Management Training

Our project management offerings are developed to help organizations provide their employees the training and knowledge needed to effectively manage projects within the organization; whether the employees manage projects in addition to other roles and responsibilities, serve as individual contributors on projects, or are professional project managers. All courses can be customized to map to client methodologies, utilize client-relevant case studies and client-specific tools and templates.

Evaluating the Business Impact and ROI of Your Project Management Practice

This program will focus on best practices for evaluating the business impact and ROI of a project management practice/PMO. A case study example will be used to demonstrate a process for evaluating the effectiveness and impact of a project management practice or PMO within an organization utilizing Phillips ROI Methodology™. Additionally, the program will detail […]

Developing a Project Management Best Practice (PMO)

(1/2 day workshop) This program will use a case study approach to help participants understand the process behind socializing, developing, testing and implementing a project management best practice. Participants will learn how to engage the organization in the process. Target audience includes: executives, business units heads, project and program managers and others interested in understanding […]

Building and Managing the Virtual Project Team

So much rides on the success of a project team – and when you have a virtual team (as so many businesses do today!) – there are many more challenges on a daily basis that affect performance. This program will provide you an understanding of the challenges around pulling together resources for virtual projects, managing […]

Project Management for Human Resource Professionals

HR professionals have a variety of projects to be completed on a regular basis, some of which are strategic and will have an impact on the entire organization. This program – specifically developed for HR professionals – provides a simple process for day-to-day management of HR initiatives. What You Will Learn: Project management basics How […]

Project Management as a Strategy: Increase Your Profits!

(1/2 day workshop) An increasing number of organizations are beginning to see the value of taking a more strategic approach to project management. This program – targeted for managers, business unit heads and executives in any size organization – provides information on the benefits of looking at project management as strategic rather than simply tactical. […]