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ACG Newsletter July 2017

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In this edition, we’ll focus on using brainstorming to develop more creative and innovative solutions to business problems.

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Increase Participation in Brainstorming Sessions


Alex Osborne’s “Rules” for Effective Brainstorming

Brainstorming has been around quite a while, but is most often associated with Alex Osborne, an advertising executive who published the idea in the early 1950’s. Mr. Osborne developed four “rules” for effective brainstorming as follows:

  • Rule 1: Quantity, Not Quality: During the brainstorming session, focus on the number of ideas, not the quality of the ideas. Later on you can focus on narrowing those ideas down to the best ideas to resolve the issue.
  • Rule 2: No Criticism Allowed: You can’t have a productive brainstorming session if participants criticize or mock others’ ideas. Don’t allow a focus on what’s possible, what has never been done, what has been tried before, or what’s too expensive. Every idea is valuable!
  • Rule 3: Crazy Ideas are Welcome!: The crazier the ideas, the more innovative the solution will be to the problem. Out of the box thinking is essential for effective brainstorming. Challenge participants to toss out a really crazy, wild idea every 10 minutes.
  • Rule 4: Combine and Build on Ideas: Build on the ideas of others in brainstorming. This encourages listening to others as they share their ideas. Tell participants to feel free to use someone else’s idea for inspiration.

Program Spotlight

Interested in learning more? Check out our one day workshop, Innovative Brainstorming: Best Practices in Brainstorming.

Brainstorming, while valuable, often gets out of control with no progress being made. Individuals walk away from brainstorming sessions trying to figure out what has been accomplished and feeling as if their time has been wasted.

The goal of brainstorming sessions is to create an environment that will encourage creative ideas and thoughts. It also entails meeting management and the ability to effectively facilitate. Brainstorming is all about problem solving! This workshop will focus on best practices for brainstorming as well as providing participants with a number of techniques to engage others in brainstorming sessions.

Contact us to learn how to bring this workshop on-site to your organization. Mention this newsletter and receive 10% off the cost of the one-day workshop.

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