Influencing: A Key Skill to Accomplish Goals

ACG Newsletter September 2017

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In this edition, we’ll focus on using influencing – a key skill to accomplish goals and objectives.

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Who is in your Circle of Influence?


Influencing Others: A Key Leadership Skill

Our ability to influence others is an essential skill for leaders at any level. Influencing is not about strong arming people to do things your way, but rather influencing is “the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions and ideas of others.” (definition from

Today’s flatter organizations that rely on teams rather than individuals requires influencing skills. Hierarchical organizations where one leader may make all the decisions are far and few between. Collaboration is essential and collaboration requires influencing skills. Read more…

Program Spotlight

Interested in learning more? Check out our half-day workshop, Influencing Others: Learning to Influence without Authority to Collaborate More Effectively and Achieve Goals.

The ability to persuade and influence others in the workplace is necessary to achieve goals. We can’t possibly accomplish all we need to on our own and often the people we need to collaborate with do not report directly to us. We must use our influencing skills to persuade them to collaborate to achieve goals.

In today’s world, many organizations are focused on team-based models. Such models – where it is essential to be more inclusive and collaborative – the ability to influence is a key skill for all employees.

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Gina Abudi
President, Abudi Consulting Group, LLC

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