The Value of Project Management for Everyone

ACG Newsletter February 2018

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In this edition, we’ll focus on the value of project management skills for every employee.

Leader’s Best Practice Tip:

The Value of Project Management for Organizations

Organizations that train their employees in using project management best practices to get the work done are rewarded with many benefits. From an organizational perspective, project management enables for:

  • Alignment to the strategic plan
  • Improved commitment of resources and budget monies
  • Improved success rates of projects launched in organization
  • Increased predictability in work efforts due to better planning
  • Improved planning overall means better utilization of limited resources and budgets
  • Better risk management
  • Improved quality of products and services
  • Improved team work

Think about some of the challenges in your organization? Might some of those challenges be met with more consistency in getting the work done? With improved collaboration and teamwork? With better communication?


Getting the Work Done with Project Management

For the last three years, one of Abudi Consulting Group’s clients, a global pharmaceutical organization, has been working with us to provide training for their employees at all levels in how to use project management best practices to accomplish work. This workshop, entitled, Taking a Project Management Approach to Getting the Work Done, has provided employees with a number of best practices, tools, templates and techniques that enables them to better manage their workload overall. Read more…

Program Spotlight

Want to train your employees in project management. Bring Abudi Consulting Group’s workshop, Best Practices for Managing Projects, on site to your location.

Upcoming Public Workshops:

Abudi Consulting Group has partnered with the Northeast Human Resource Association (NEHRA) to offer public workshops. Upcoming 2018 workshops include:

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Gina Abudi
President, Abudi Consulting Group, LLC

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