Stakeholder Management Best Practices


Working with stakeholders can be challenging. Each stakeholder has their own goal for the project and it is often difficult to understand each stakeholders’ particular needs and to match those needs to the project objectives. Developing strong relationships with stakeholders is essential to success in meeting their needs, and getting what you need from them.

This ½ day workshop will focus on helping you to better manage your stakeholders, from how to develop strong working relationships (before you need them!) to identifying and working with stakeholders to gather needs and understand their expectations, communicating with and engaging stakeholders throughout the project through to getting stakeholder participation in lessons learned debriefs.

Learn best practices for:

  • Identifying and working with stakeholders to gather requirements
  • Understanding stakeholder expectations
  • Communicating with and engaging stakeholders throughout the initiative
  • Developing effective relationships

Target Audience

  • Project managers/project team leads
  • Business line managers/functional managers
  • Program managers
  • Project team members
  • Anyone who works with stakeholders, whether internal or external

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