Evaluating Training Program Success

ACG Newsletter May 2018

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In this edition, we’ll focus on evaluating the success of training programs.

Leader’s Best Practice Tip:

Align Learning Objectives to Skills Needs

For every program rolled out, whether a half-day, full day, or a longer program, ensure program objectives are aligned to specific skills development needs. Ensure employees who learn new skills in the program are able to apply them back on the job. This may require working with managers to develop a plan to ensure support and application of newly learned skills back on the job.


Getting Insight into the Value of Training Programs

Evaluating whether or not training programs offered employees provides value does not have to an onerous process, but it must be more than simply the results of the “smiley sheet.” Read more…

ACG Consulting Services

Abudi Consulting Group provides consulting to clients with a focus on:

  • 360 assessments
  • Leading and supporting complex change initiatives
  • Succession planning
  • Mentoring program development
  • Onboarding program development
  • Strategic planning and facilitation of leadership sessions and business program sessions

Upcoming Public Workshops:

Abudi Consulting Group has partnered with the Northeast Human Resource Association (NEHRA) to offer public workshops. Upcoming 2018 workshops include:

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Gina Abudi
President, Abudi Consulting Group, LLC

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