Ensure Your New Supervisors Have the Basics

ACG Newsletter September 2018

Welcome to Abudi Consulting Group’s newsletter: Ensuring Your Success and the Success of Your Organization.

In this edition, we’ll focus on some basics that your new supervisors should have in order to ensure they start off in their new role headed toward success.

Ensure Your New Supervisors Have the Basics

Too often individual contributors are promoted to supervisory roles without having the basics to understand what to do and what not to do when leading employees for the first time. This is frustrating for the new supervisor and for the employees they are leading. It is also frustrating for the new supervisor’s manager. While there are a number of skills and knowledge necessary to be successful managing people, in this article we’ll focus on just a handful of basic competencies each new supervisor should have prior to moving into a supervisory role. Read more…

ACG Training Services

Abudi Consulting Group has created and owns the IP to over 60 workshops with a focus on management, leadership and critical skills. We have developed our workshops in a modular way, enabling for clients to easy select and choose topics relevant to accomplishing their training objectives, thereby ensuring the material delivered is relevant to the participants. Contact ACG to learn more about what makes us different than the others and to request a copy of our most recent listing of workshops available.

Upcoming Public Workshops through NEHRA

ACG is proud to partner with the Northeast Human Resource Association (NEHRA) to offer a variety of training for human resource professionals.

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Gina Abudi
President, Abudi Consulting Group, LLC

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